Monday, December 4, 2006

Welcome to SOBEnow!

Brothers and Sisters Concerned About Black Education ...

Welcome to the State of Black Education (SOBE) blog!

This blog is dedicated to the efforts of a number of veteran Black Educators who have worked over the past 4 years to bring about a major national summit to ACT upon the multiple crises of Black Education in the US.

Some of us have included the late Dr. Mary Hoover (Howard University) as well as such veteran educators as Dr. Nathan Hare (San Francisco), Dr. Donald Smith (New York/Miami), Dr. Nobantu Akoanda (E. Palo Alto), Dr. Gloria Gilmer (Milwaukee), Dr. Jimmy Garrett (Oakland), Dr. Makini Campbell (Syracuse), Dr. Denise Gordon (New York City), Dr. Huberta Jackson (Tallahassee), Tchaiko Kwayana (San Diego)....

We have worked these past four years to create not only a national summit or Social Forum around the crisis of Black Education, not only mobilizing militant responses to current critical battles, but to also institutionalize ways of guaranteeing "Education for Liberation." We want to bring this work to its final stage by holding a "State of Black Education Summit" in 2008.

We envision it to be structured along the lines of a Social Forum that allows all the Black education forces to share there struggles, victories, visions and problems all in the direction of forming a national Black Education United Front that would be able to not only respond to local and regional crises, but also become the central National Black Educational research, development and organizing force we so urgently need now.

This blog will be one of the ways that YOU can help make this 2008 Summit a powerful Black Success. We will be posting from, time to time, our thinking on the kind of Summit/Social Forum we should have along with documents that will help advance us towards a fruitful 2008 gathering... and beyond. We hope YOU will be able to join us by sharing your ideas, criticisms and resources so vital to making "Education for Liberation" become a reality for our Children and our Race.

If you are interested in helping out in any way, please get in touch with us via email at: or by leaving a message at: 912.289.4170.

Sam Anderson
For the SOBE Coordinating Council